* All rents include water, sewer, and garbage


Choice of Rent

The family will have a choice of Tenant Rent which will be either an income-based rent or the flat rent.  The family will not be offered this choice more than once per year.


Income-Based Rent

Income-based rent is rent that is derived from a percentage of Income.  If the family selects income-based rent, Total Tenant Payment (which includes an allowance for utilities) will be the greatest of the following:

- 10% of Annual Income (Gross Income)
- 30% of Adjusted Annual Income
- Authority’s minimum rent of $50


Flat Rents

Flat rents DO NOT include a utility allowance.

            1-Bedroom Unit        $275.00
            2-Bedroom Unit        $300.00
            3-Bedroom Unit        $350.00
            4-Bedroom Unit        $400.00