The Housing Authority, which now consists of 66 units (20 elderly and 46 family) was organized February 6, 1950, by the City Commission of Ballinger, Texas. At that time, the city governing body was as follows:


- J. W. Moore, Mayor

- Malcom Morgan, Commissioner

- Gay Edwards, Commissioner

- Fred Underwood, Secretary


The first Board of Commissioners of the Ballinger Housing Authority was appointed on that date by Mayor J. W. Moore, and was as follows:


- O. L. Huddleston, Chairman

- Max McCrary, Sr., Commissioner

- Guy Swann, Commissioner

- John Purifoy, Commissioner

- L. M. Bowden, Commissioner


City Secretary, Fred Underwood also served as secretary of the Housing Authority Board. On July 12, 1950, the first secretary to the Board of Commissioners (Executive Director), John B. Rayburn, was hired. Originally, 48 family units were built. On April 25, 1977, a decision was made to build 20 elderly units. At that time, Mary Minton was the Executive Director and the Board of Commissioners were as follows:


- G. O. McCorstin, Chairman

- W. M. Robertson, Vice-Chairman

- Odell Denton, Commissioner

- D. B. Crockett, Commissioner

- T. A. Parrish, Commissioner

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